Dependant on Clomid??

  1. Dependant on Clomid??

    Hey guys quick question on clomid....I am a pct freak because I as well as everyone else out there does not want to lose any of their hard earned muscle when getting off of gear, my question is that we are all familiar with the traditional post cycle recovery cycle using clomid but would it hurt my endogenous test levels greatly if I went on clomid longer than what was always told to be the amount of time?? Would my body be dependant on clomid to keep my natural test at a certain level?? How long is the longest amount of time that I can safely use clomid for without hurting my endogenous levels?? Sorry this question may sound stupid but it has been bothering me for a while because in theory the quicker and higher ur endogenous test is would be the greater chance of keeping muscle right?? My calorie intake is always high and I will even try to up it even more as well as protein post cycle to be sure that if I lose muscle it won't be because of my sorry if this is an idiotic post...any help would be appreciated thanks guys


    It takes time and experience to gain this skill but it's not rocket science. The first thing you'll notice is that you'll shoot loads like Peter North. Once you get to this point the nolva/clomid is at therapeutic level and dosing should continue for at least a week or two before beginning the taper.

    Remember, ancillaries are used to kick start your natural test production and not to be relied upon. Sure you'll lose some water retention but most people are too worried about muscle wasting post cycle. Just be sure to keep the cals high and iron heavy...


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