Blood Pressure Probs

  1. Blood Pressure Probs

    Coming to the end of my cycle but I thought about ending it early because my BP is up to about 155/90. Its not excessively high but considering my BP is usually 110/65 it seems really high. What do you guys suggest to lower BP during a cycle?
    I added 3 days of cardio already but just wondering if there is something else I could be doing to help lower it down some.

  2. Hawthorn Berry.

  3. why not take a trip to the docs for a script. He'll probably start you on something mild like maxize that you can keep around for future cycles.

  4. Or Varapomil(spelling)

  5. You won't get a script right off the bat.. you will have to have your BP taken 3 or 4 days in a row at different times.. then, you will get a script for some lite..but that will still have to be dialed in.. and in your case, I think yours should come down but keep an eye on it

  6. I got it same day. Told the doc i've been monitoring it for the past couple months and came up with the same numbers they got each time. It was borderline at 140/90. But then him knowing I was an RN could have had something to do with it.

  7. I got mine same day as well, but my doctors office is next to mine as well.

  8. Okay I guess I had a overly cautious doctor.. but hey live and learn.. and I will tell you.. I wish the hell I didn't have to take this **** every freakin day major pain in the ass

  9. Yup, that it is.

  10. that is why I'm waiting to go to the doc, Im hoping it comes down postcycle and I hear that BP meds you cant just come off of I just got this week til I stop Tren and then 10 days left of test after that then I'm starting pct
    My doc knows that Im on a cycle but if I go in with this I know its lecture time and hell tell me to stop now, I want to carry the two weeks out so I can stay on track with my future planned cycles. I'll give the hawthorne berry a try.


  11. The docs I work with will usually try something like lasix at first. I suppose reducing fluid volume is the easiest before you start messing with the ticker.

    I've also posted before: Blood pressure (as a general rule) becomes a danger after long periods of elevation. Short term rises usually do not create a problem unless you have underlying situations like clogged arteries etc.

    Always be safe no matter what.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by sifu
    Hawthorn Berry.
    By Mayo Clinic staff

    Latin name
    Crataegus species

    Other name

    Popular uses
    Hawthorn is used to help prevent chest pain (angina) and improve cardiac function in people with chronic mild heart failure.

    What the research shows
    U.S. studies of hawthorn have been short-term and inconclusive. However, European studies indicate hawthorn may expand the blood vessels, allowing more oxygen and blood to reach the heart. This strengthens the heartbeat, slightly increasing its speed. By dilating the blood vessels, hawthorn seems to help circulation and can reduce blood pressure.

    Possible side effects
    Typically none with proper use. However, if you experience any adverse side effects or reactions, see your doctor.

    Hawthorn is intended for long-term treatment of the early stages of congestive heart failure. Use only under a doctor's supervision. If you have concerns about chest pain or the health of your heart, see your doctor for a complete examination. Heart disease is a serious illness, and you shouldn't treat any symptoms yourself or ignore the well-established benefits of prescription drugs.

    Available forms
    Liquid and dry extracts from a combination of hawthorn flowers, leaves and fruits.

    Be sure to select a preparation that includes all three components or a combination of leaves and flowers. Extracts from the leaf, berry or flowers alone are not as effective.

    Typical dosage
    The potency of commercial products varies. Follow the manufacturer's instructions. You typically take hawthorn for up to 6 weeks before you experience benefits. Talk to your doctor about what dosage is appropriate for you.

    Active ingredients
    Flavonoids, especially oligomeric procyanidans.

  13. Damn six weeks huh. Oh well I take it continuosly, and it has kept me off of the sripts.

    But good post, I didn't know that.

  14. Allimax

    High blood pressure runs in my family an Allimax has worked very well for me in lowering blood pressure.

  15. A few ideas I've read on the subject:

    1) I've heard some people recommend an aspirin a day for temporarily high BP. It thins the blood and can help bring BP down.

    2) Vitamin C is a natural diuretic. 3 to 5 grams a day while on cycle seems fairly common and can help lower blood volume.

    3) Be sure to watch the salt intake.

    I agree with farmer, unless you have a family history of stroke or atherosclerosis I would think you'd be ok for another couple of weeks. Keep a close watch tho.


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