Should i extent it........................!!

  1. Should i extent it........................!!

    im in the middle of my trans cycle. 2 weeks already past and i have gained 10 untill now (fat + muscle)at 4 squirts aday, i was plaaning to run the cycle for 4 weeks at 4 squirts a day. but now im thinking to extent my cycle another 2 weeks and run it at 2 squirt aday, since many people like chemo are saying that they you can gain same amout of mass from 2 squirts only as from 4. do u think guys its a good idea to make my cycle for 6 weeks?.....will my test levels be supressed more if i ran my cycle for that length?

  2. No because you will be supressed and just take a 4 week break, do your PCT and you can go back on..

  3. what are you taking acecombact1?

  4. bump.......chemo whats your opinion on this please

  5. Okay..guess my opinion or anyone else's doesn't count... thanks I will remember

  6. No ****, hey acrocombat, you already got your answer. Chemo will tell you the same.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Matthew D
    Okay..guess my opinion or anyone else's doesn't count... thanks I will remember
    no i didnt mean that man, but my question was related to something chemo said , but i really appreciate your advice, in fact im going by your recommendation.

  8. ace what are u on? listening to matt is a smart thing.i will never understand the more the better mentality..

  9. You asked 2 questions! #1"Should I continue for 6 weeks?" #2"Should I only use 2 squirts instead of 4?"

    1. no, for reasons above
    2. It depends on the person.


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