Legal gear 1-T Hydroxytest

  1. Legal gear 1-T Hydroxytest

    I was just wondering if anyone has tried this product or have any thoughts on how good of a ph it should be.....thanks.

  2. I don't know if anyone has or not.

    Legalgear has their own board, there is honestly probably more info there.

  3. Warwinds has links in his sig for feedback that the bros on this board who have tried it. And it not just hydroxytest, its a stack of 1-t, 4ad and hydroxytest.

  4. The first post (chronologically, itll be at the bottom) on the review section of that board is my hydroxytest review. I thought it was a very good product. I think my log is on this board too, check it out.

  5. I hear great things about the product

  6. I ran one cycle with it and liked the results well enough that I currently plan to run another cycle with it this spring.


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