2nd cycle question

  1. 2nd cycle question

    im currently 8th week deep in a test e and deca cycle and im loving every single second of it. i feel increadable. though it is my first cycle and my doses are weeks 1-12 test e 2cc
    weeks 1-12 deca 1.6cc ( split into two injections 4 days apart)
    PCT: weeks 14-18 novla 20mgs
    weeks 14-18 novadex xt (gaspari nation) just as a Natrual test booster

    my concern is that when in time im ready for another cycle how ever long it could be, did i desensitse my reseptors? would i still be able to do a cycle of just test e for 10 weeks ? because it is would be my second cycle.

  2. Hi, first you dont have to split your deca injections. Dont stick yourself more than you have to. Next, unless your prone to gyno and since your dosing is on the low side, I dont see a need for the 4 weeks of nolvadex. You will need a way to boost natural test production or you will feel a bit lethargic.

    Its all preference, but normally if folks did a cycle of test and deca they will switch up their next cycle by using EQ (or other compounds) i/o the deca. The belief is, switching back and forth between compounds will somewhat help your receptors from becoming saturated.

  3. drop the novedex XT - it's ****. Get sustain alpha, or diesel test. Anything but an ATD.

    I would use a SERM as well. Keep your nolva in your PCT.

  4. with proper time off you should be making good gains no matter what you use....the virgin receptor/receptor saturation thing is bullsh!t....ive been cycling for years and just ran a test only cycle and put on 15 lbs....

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