Milk thistle/ NAC doseage

  1. Milk thistle/ NAC doseage

    A few questions:

    Looking for doses of milk thistle and NAC some of you use while on M1T.

    Also, are most using Hawthorne berry for BP?

    when doing 2wks on, 2 off, 2 on, 4 off. Is it beneficial to use nolva or clomid on the first 2wks off?

    Input appreciated.


  2. The bottles have great dosage info on them Says take 1 pill daily.. then do so.
    Some people suggest its more bennificial to take liver sups before and after a cycle. I take them with my M1T only if I plan on having a few beers or something.

    I would say do 2 weeks on, No PCT during off - then 2 weeks on, then PCT after.

  3. Thanks for the info guys. So it seems some people take the thistle pre/post cycle only, while others take it during. The NAC should be ok through cycle I guess.

    I was planning on doing what RLD said for PCT....2on, 2 off, 2on, 4off (w/nolva 40mg wk1, then 20mg for 3wks).

  4. I take 650 mg Milk thistle & 600mg ALA while on M1t, & continue for 1-2 weeks after. It's dirt cheap for 1000 caps from kilosports.

    If you do take Milk Thistle while on M1t, don't take it at the same time as M1t. I can't rememeber exactly why, but it somehow hinders the effectiveness of the M1t. There is at least 1 thread about it on here somewhere.



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