1. Trenadrol/Oxanavar?

    Hey guys, new member here. Just wanted to get some feedback on an idea I have for a cutting cycle I'll be running to trim down for the summer.

    I decided on doing either Trenadrol or Oxanavar to cut down as much BF as possible... So what are your thoughts on this? Or what are your thoughts on maybe stacking both? (or starting with tren, then coming in with the oxanavar a couple weeks in?) Also, I will be running a fat burner along with this to further promote fat burning (an ECY stack)..

    As for support, I was looking to run Cycle Support, vit b6, and DHEA (as well as the usual routine of multi-vit, Vit D-3, fish oil, and Coq10).

    PCT: Post Cycle Support, Milk Thistle, and 6-oxo (have Nolva on hand just in case!)

    What are your thoughts on this, and what kind of duration could I do with something like this? My last cycle was 4 weeks on sus500 which was NOT a cut.. I think that a slightly longer cycle will be more beneficial (six weeks?)



  2. I have a bottle of Oxanavar waiting.. have not tried yet but have done epistane twice which is the same compound. Both times were for a cut and I did not gain much overall weight if any, but def gained muscle and lost fat. That was my goal so it worked

    I haven't tried trenadrol but i know ppl who have and it is great for strength. I would imagine it would be good for a cut but can't really comment. I wouldn't stack it, in fact I'd lean toward the Ox. A pulse would be better IMO because Ox is only 60 pills, not really enough for a full cycle.

    You def need a serm for pct. And something else, like reversitol or 6oxo and maybe AI post cycle support. Also something for anti cortisol because cort will be high curing pct and that will kill your gains

    I did not use serm the first time even though i did have it on hand. and I wont get into why, but I did use a serm (nolva) the second time and would highly recommend it. Just try and get enough liver supps for pct also as nolva is liver toxic. I used Liv.52 throughout cycle and pct

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