sust question

  1. sust question

    hey guys i'm new to this board and i need to say that there is a lot of great info on here. First some stats: I'm 21, 6' 215lbs, 17%bf. I've been training for about 4 years off and on the last 1 1/2 seriously. I'm looking in to doing a sust only cycle at 500mg for eight weeks(it's my first one) and the only concern i have (may sound stupid) but what are the chances of glass falling into the amp after it has been scored and popped open and then becoming part of my shot.

    thanks for you help

  2. if you get an amp opener not very much... just make sure you get a few extra just incase you do break one..

  3. yes get an amp opener for sure and purchase a few BD 18 gauge filter pins. they have a wire mesh screen to eliminate the posssibility of drawing any glass into the syringe. It is a little time consuming, but better than having a peice of glass in your ass.

  4. It is possible but unlikely. Therefore, I rub down each amp with alcohl before opening it.

    Also, I think enanthate or cypionate is a better choice of test for a first cycle then sust.

  5. thanks for the help guys

  6. test cocktails like sust and the omna's, unless your going to do eod injects to make use of the shorter esters, Id stick to something like cyp or enth instead. My 2cc's
  7. Decent first cycle?

    1-10 Test Cyp. 250mg Mon + 250mg Thurs = 500mg week
    7-12 Winny 50mg ED (tabs)

    Thanks, Chris


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