What is safer Havoc or the one?

  1. What is safer Havoc or the one?

    I know it will be hard to judge being that the one is so new. I just want some opinions on which complete cycle and pct would be safer to run.

    Havoc and a SERM

    The one and second gear (OTC)

    More so concerned about long term safety than short term safety, although both are important.

  2. either way you look at it both products are steroids, which can be harmful in numerous ways, hence forth why a person must make a decision to take one themselves. that being said neither one is "safer" than the other, and no matter what you run you should always have a SERM (nolva, clomid, etc) on hand in case of emergencies... by saying this what i am trying to imply is that even if you use 2nd gear as your PCT for The One its always a good idea to have a SERM readily available just in case.

  3. and cycle support.

  4. good point

  5. They're both on the mild side of the spectrum and the difference between the two will be minimal (from a health perspective). With adequate health supplements (e.g. fish oil, anti-O's), you should be fine.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


  6. Havoc= safer prohormone
    Serm= safer short term recovery
    Long term safety= this is hard to say, serms have long term sides, but who knows what sides these otc supps have...
    bottom line= i don't think anything should have too great an effect on long term if ran in moderation. Then again, i'm only premed Ask a doc.

  7. anyone else?


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