winstrol cycle

  1. winstrol cycle

    I was thinking about running winstrol twice a day for 60 days. This will be my first cycle of any time and i am a little worried about the side affects. I was going to frontload on mega men joins supplements and liver formula for about 2 weeks or maybe more. I was also going to take a libido booster or supplemnent bc that seems to be one of the most common problems.
    I am 24 about 5'11" and 200 lbs. does anyone have any suggestions or pointers?

  2. oral?

  3. only if your a good looking female and won't tell my GF

  4. haha yea oral

  5. whats your pct look like?

  6. well im looking for advice on that as well

  7. Check out the PCT forums. Manbeast has a great post on PCT.
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