Good cycle??

  1. Good cycle??

    I am currently 160 lbs. 8% bp. 22 years old. I am planning on starting a cycle of 1-test 300g per day (either diamond gel caps, advantage 1-deconate, or max muscle pills) and 1,4 andro 150-300g per day (VPX EQ)
    Current max
    -bench 285
    -squat 375 (3 times)
    -lat pulldown 230, barbell row 110 4 times

    I took 19-nor over the summer and got a big jump. Since then I've dropped a bit on strength. My main goal is to reach 315 bench. The few people that helped my figure this cycle said that I would not have to worry about bitch tits. Should I? My chest is my weak point and is small. My shoulders dominate my upper body. (former gymnist) Oh yeah and I'm an ecto 5'9".

    I have done some research but still dont understand everything about prohormones, roids, etc. I am not going in blind but just dont understand EVERYTHING. And I want to do this right. Is this a good cycle to reach my goal or get close? And/or should I take anything else with this?


  2. hang out for a while, read some old posts especially in the cycle results page, and just sit back and learn.
    I'm not gonna say your cycle will be bad but there are much better options available.

  3. one big pointer Im sure everyone here will give you when talking about 1test is to go with a transdermal

  4. Your max's are really good but barbell row is poor, did you accidently type 110 instead of 210?

    All the stuff that you want to take "either diamond gel caps, advantage 1-deconate, or max muscle pills) and 1,4 andro 150-300g per day (VPX EQ" - never heard of them but anything VPX is horrible. You'll get better gains with transdermals and cheaper too so you can eat more on cycle, stay away from methylated stuff for now.

    Take time to read the faqs, stickies, articles here.

  5. On seated cable row I can pull about 235. Is that bad?

  6. Im really not interested in transdermal. Is it that much better?

  7. waaay better than orals or sublinguals like vpx. Its really worth your while and money to go the transdermal route

  8. One 1-test oral that is ok would be 1-ad if you can't stand transdermals.

  9. oops 110 dumbell row, not barbell row..


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