one week m1t cycle?

  1. one week m1t cycle?

    i have searched and i can,t find anyone that has tried this.
    ive done a 2 week on m1t and gained 7 lbs the first week and 2 the second. i went off for 2 weeks and did 1 week and gained 7 lbs again.
    my point is if most of the gain is in 1 week why not go 1 on 1 off until the gains stop, or there are some sides. for a month or 2.
    any thoughts on why this might or might not work?
    im trying it starting yesterday, just thought someone might have tried it i can,t find out about.

  2. You may have something in only staying on for 1 week, but 1 week off probably would not be enough to restore natural test levels. My guess would be the next 1-weeker would only yield the same gain you woulda got from a continous 2nd week. Maybe 1 week on/ 2off would be effective & definitely minimize sides.

    It may be worth a try though. I'd like to hear results if you do.

  3. Maybe he'll be alright. I don't feel shut down AT ALL at the one week point.

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