Not enough T1-Pro?

  1. Not enough T1-Pro?

    I started T1-Pro last Monday. I'm taking 2 pumps twice a day. Theres no way there is enough in there to last me another 3 weeks. What gives?

  2. T-1 PRO is very concentrated and the recommended dose is 1 squirt twice daily. At the recommended dose the bottle will last 30 days but since you have doubled the dose it should last for 15 days.

    I don't know your stats but I venture to say that there will be very little difference in terms of gains between 2 squirts twice daily and 1 squirt twice daily.


  3. Well I was only going by the bottle. It states 1-2 squirts once or twice daily. So I was still within recomended dosage. I had no reason either by this board or by Powernutrition to believe this would limit me to 2 weeks use.

    I had also e-mailed Powernutrition and they told me 2 pumps twice a day would last me 4 weeks.

    So somethings not right here.

  4. If you had calculated the dosage per squirt, it's pretty clear how much product you have & how long it will last.

    You'll definitely need another bottle, 15 days is not enough on t-1 pro to gain much even at that extreme dosing.

  5. I have gained 3lbs eating slightly below maitnance. I just don't understand why powernutrition themselves informed me that at my dose I would last 4 weeks but not 8 weeks. Yet now here I'm told 15 days. Wouldnt they have known 4 pumps a day would not last 4 weeks?

  6. There has been a great deal of transition by switching product lines.

    However, this does not give you a free pass to accept someone's word at face value. Ultimately it is up to you to READ THE BOTTLE and do the math for confirmation.


  7. RLD, there used to be an 8oz T1pro and T1, then came T1 final which gave a bit more flexibilty. Now bottles have shrunk to 4oz which is better imo to minimise wastage at the end of cycles.

    I expect every new user to research how much 1-test, 4ad they need first and then calculate how much powder to add and how many pumps and ml's and bottles they need. Simply taking label instructions is totally useless. PN should remove the useless 2 pump recommendation and just state a disclaimer 'If you don't know how many squirts you need per day, don't use this product'.

  8. I understand what your saying.

    I did my reasearch on here even before ordering, I asked questions about cycle lengths.. etc. Everyone was doing 4 weeks and using between 2-4 pumps per day.
    And then I contacted the selling (PN) so with research and speaking with seller, why wouldnt I have felt comfortable?

    However, I've never read anything regarding bottle size changes of T1-Pro specificaly or how people were changes doses per bottle size. So yes I did do research but with me asking about application lengths, and such and no one even asking or mentioning diff size bottles..etc even though I did mentinoed I had just ordered it over a week ago. So I was also misled a bit. Not I'm not bitching I'm just talking here to don't thrash me for what I'm saying.

    PN should have known it was there 4oz if I just ordered it, or should have asked if I had 4oz or 8oz when they said 4 pumps a day would last 4 weeks. And yes the label should be removed, or mention that this many pumps may last this long or that many this long..etc

  9. Ok, wasn't bashing you just stated that bottle sizes have changed and might have been the source of confusion and I agree it is sloppy of PN to get your question wrong.

  10. The "bashing" comment wasnt made towards you I just don't want people thinking I was crying about it, But when I drop that much money on stuff I just like to be informed correctly.

    Thank you for agreeing that PN answering that very sloppy, if I had known of 2 different sizes I could have challenged there answer before I turned around and continued to use 4 pumps per day. If they hadn't said that would be ok for 4 weeks I would not have continued to do so, so I do feel a little jipped. I should get a discount on something, lol

    But on the other hand I'm in the process of ordering more products from them, so my liking of the company hasnt been deminished atleast.

  11. So your T1-Pro is 4oz.?
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  12. BoBo, From what I'm being told. I'm at work currently so I can't read the bottle. Its the only they had on there page no more then 2 week ago before replacing it with "Make your own Transdermal".. Let me check to see if my order history tells me.......................

    Products 1 xT-1 PRO 4oz $45.00

    Yep. Again, I mean I guess theres nothing that can be done. It just sucks I can now only do a 2 week cycle, possibly 3 if I do only 1-2 squirts now but still I wish they would have realized it was 4oz or asked me when I asked if 4 pumps a day would last weeks with the bottle I just bought from them.

  13. Well then they made an honest mistake because the majorioty of T1-Pro's were 8oz. Its just a matter of miscommunication. I would suggest calling John if you feel you were treated wrong. He usually is great with this stuff and we will do anything here to help you out. I wished I could mail you one myself becuase I would hate to see your cycle end on a simple miscommunication.
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  14. For some reason I thought this thread was removed, I couldnt find it or access it from e-mail and it wasnt on my subscribed threads list.

    I'm going to try to make the best of it. I'm going to just start using 1-2 squirts a day and see how much more I can get out of it. Who exactly is John? Can he be e-mailed. It would be totaly awsome if they supplied me with another 4oz since they just assumed I had 8oz when they answered my question. I mean hell I havent even really got that into the cycle yet

  15. He is the owner of PN. They have a number on their site that you can contact them. I'm not sure if he can do anything but you can always just talk to him and express your feeling to him personally. I tihnk handling it that way would be much better as much is lost in typed words.
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  16. Let me be the first to admit my mistake.

    I spoke with PN and they were able to recover the orignal e-mail. It appears that they did mention 4 pumps a day would only last 2 weeks.

    I'm an ass, sorry about that.

  17. Honest mistake. Now as punshment you must plug PN for at least a month
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  18. Give me some *powernutrition* time to think of *powernutrition* some clever *powernutrition* lines and stuff.

  19. Quote Originally Posted by RLD
    Give me some *powernutrition* time to think of *powernutrition* some clever *powernutrition* lines and stuff.

    Yeah, you deal with them alittle more and you'll have no trouble coming up with good things to say about them.

    As far as the T-1 Pro , it did come in 8oz bottles at first as that was how I bought it the first time. Next time around I noticed it was replaced with the 4 oz in PN listing and when I inquired I was told the manufacturer decided on packaging it that way and there was nothing PN could do about it.

    So, just buy more when you buy it.


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