Advice on Appetite loss...Tren cycle

  1. Advice on Appetite loss...Tren cycle

    Wanting to know if anyone had ran into appetite loss on Trenadrol, or any other PH for that matter.

    I've been on for 2 weeks now and my appetite went through the roof, gains are great...strength and muscle mass. However, today It hasn't been like normal for me. I've had to force down the food. It may be too early and I could be jumping to conclusions. I haven't changed any supplements, everything is as normal. If anyone has any words of wisdom feel free to shed light. Thanks!

  2. Did you train yesterday? I eat like a machine when i have trained the day before. Day after a day off I always struggle to eat so I go for a log in the morning and that seems to kick start my appetite.

  3. I did train the day before, but it was a relatively light day....abs and cardio. Thanks for the advice though, I will give it a try.

  4. I said log! I meant jog!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by mikeyb123 View Post
    I said log! I meant jog!

    I was wondering what you meant by that. Thought you might have meant you went to take a dump.

  6. appetite loss is a common side effect....get some black hole....or any other appetite inducer....

  7. Appetite loss happened to me on a Havoc/Epistane cycle when I upped the dose in the 40 mg range. I can't say for sure, but I attributed it to the damage I was doing to my liver because this was also the same time I stopped taking my liver support. Try supplementing with milk thistle or sam-e if you aren't already and see if that helps.

  8. man when I was taking epistane I could not stop eating. It caused me to have a huge appetite.

  9. You hungr:donut: yet??:donut:

  10. Quote Originally Posted by mooch2321 View Post
    appetite loss is a common side effect....get some black hole....or any other appetite inducer....
    Does this stuff really work mooch? My local vitamin store has it for 50% off and i wasnt sure how effective it would be...

  11. black hole totally works man. i've tried one dose and saw an icrease in appetite, but personally, forget black hole and go for the real thing. plenty of pros have been quoted on its help in increasing hunger. whether you blaze a few trees or pop a few of those black holes, youre still pushing the same buttons; your endogenous cannabinoid system, specifically the CB1 + CB2 receptors. you'd all be surprised, if you dont know already, that a huge huge huge portion of you normal bodily functions are somehow governed by endogenous chemicals called cannabinoids, and yes they're related to marijuana and only marijuana. look into anandamide (AEA) and you might be surprised how vital the substance really is. might i also add that AEA is converted by the FAAH enzyme into the much loved arachidonic acid.

    if im not mistaken, a bottle of that black hole will set you back more than a twenty bag. you do the math.

  12. Yea id like to smoke, but im on probation so i cant.... But im going to give that black hole a try.. thanks sean.

  13. no offence stop being abitch just eat its not so hard mind over matter

    Posted from my mobile device.

  14. If Im suffering from lack of calories, I sub out whole food for homemade shakes. I find downing liquid way easier then eating during times like this.
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

  15. glad to be of help zoom. and i'm sorry about the other day brotha. no harm no foul.


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