The One vs. Epistane- 1st Cycle

  1. The One vs. Epistane- 1st Cycle

    hey guys,

    I'm 21 yrs, 6'1, 190 , ~11% BF, lifting 4 years seriously.
    This will be my first cycle; looking to put on 7-10 lean pounds with as little of sides as possible as I have a girlfriend so shutdown needs to minimized. I've settled on trying either The One or Epistane/Havoc. Obviously epistane has a lot of great feedback but I have yet to read a negative review that was actually serious regarding The One; plus I have read several reviews where users experienced shutdown with Epistane but maybe only 1 case with The One. Any advice for my goals?

  2. I don't know too much about The One, still pretty new. As far as epi goes, I haven't personally tried it but my best friend/lifting partner finished up a cycle several weeks ago, this was his first cycle. He gained about 8 lbs of good, lean mass. His strength was way up as well. Had minimal if any sides. Epi is a mild designer compared to others.

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