thinking about taking a-dex with my mdrol

  1. Question thinking about taking a-dex with my mdrol

    my last mdrol cycle i got a bad crash coming off. nipple discharge, puffy nipples. i was thinking of incorpating adex in with my cycle so i dont get such a bad rebound. i got the rebound 3rd week into pct (nolva, when would be the best time to start adding adex. starting day one with .5 EOD?

  2. Mdrol doesn't aromotize, so adex won't help.

    Did you try b6 or Ldopa on cycle ?

  3. yes, i tried b6. no help. i understand its not suppose to aromotize. what i dont understand is if it does not aromotize, how does that lead to the sides i got (lactating, puffy nipples)? isnt that estrogen related? i dont like otc pct.

  4. bad nolva?

    or this

    nutshell is that in roughly 25% of women using it for breast cancer, nolva is ineffective due to a gene variation that makes them produce less of the enzymes that metabolize tamoxifen.

  5. its legit nolva. i have an rx for it at my local cvs

  6. Still possible you could be in the 25% of the population that doesn't respond...I would go ahead and try a different SERM just to see, and if you want to combine an AI like A-dex in PCT, that would be fine, but I agree, running and AI with superdrol would be pointless to me and would probably end up KILLING your joints with the strength increases and SD already being "dry" per say.

  7. if its prescribed then go back to the doctor and tell him/her its not working and try to get something else


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