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    I have been debating for a while but I would like to run a cycle of either S roid or Epidrol. I have always been curious and figured I might as well give it a go.

    I have been lifting for 3 years, and am fairly new to pro hormones
    Can anybody help me out as to how I should go about this.
    I was thinking of 30mg a day for a period of 45 days, and suggestions for a PCT cycle are needed too.


  2. definitely go with epidrol as a noob to steroids. i would get a SERM like nolvadex or clomid for PCT....im not a big fan of over the counter PCT supps.

    30/30/30/30 would be a good cycle, no need to go 45 days

  3. The reason I have been holding off is that gyno, scares the s**t out of me,the nolvadex will help to prevent that right?

  4. yes it will stop estrogen rebound after ur cycle. and in some cases help reduce pre-existing gyno

  5. i like superdrol....... on a side now go with CEL products best quality


  6. 'side note'**



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