A Few Questions Before My First Cycle

  1. A Few Questions Before My First Cycle

    Greetings everyone, I've been working out solidly for a few years now and am looking to try a prohormone. I've been researching for months and I've got my cycle down. I've got a few questions first so hopefully you guys can help me out.

    I've got my cycle down, I'm going to take 30mg/day of Dymethazine for 4 weeks followed by Reversitol and Testabolin V2 for PCT. On top of these compounds I've got my vitamin/mineral supps in place as well as cycle support and fish oil. My diet is also very clean to begin with.

    The only thing I'm not sure about is calorie intake while on a cycle and during PCT. Right now I'm bulking and I like to take in about 400cals a day over my maintenance level to net me about 2-2.5lb gain a month. Could somebody give me a rough estimate of how much higher I should set my calories to get the most out of my cycle. Also, should I keep my calories higher during PCT or bring them back down to my typical bulking level?

    I'm also not sure when the best time to start the cycle would be. I plan on doing it over the summer so I can devote myself 100% to my training regime to get the most out of my first cycle. By that time I should weigh in at about 195lbs at 13% bodyfat. I plan on cutting down to 8% bodyfat either before or after my cycle and am not sure which would be better. I'm leaning towards cutting after my cycle and PCT. That way if I end up putting on a little bit more fat than I planned while on my cycle it won't really matter.

    Thanks in advanced for the advice guys. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

  2. you should log this.
    Help you stay focused/tract progress
    I would def cut before the cycle as not to loose extra gains after cycle
    id go with at least 500 cals over even more if you cardio
    on a bulk i go about 500 to 700cals over esp on a PS
    how old are you?
    Body weight?

    Im not going to comment on PCT

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