Hello all.

  1. Hello all.

    Hello all I'm new here and I have some questions.

    I have tried to read and searched for much information on how to convert prohormone-powder to injectable but I'm not sure I have the full picture yet.

    For instance, the oil, let's say I'd use olive oil. Can I use any olive oil at all, like, bought from a superstore and made sterile by heating in microwave and then filtered?

    what I want to do is make 4-AD base into injectable form. What I understand so far is:

    Get oil, get 4AD powder, get BB and BA. Put Oil, BB and BA in one sterile beaker. Heat(if necessary) until it all dissolves. After that filter that solution using sterile filter into new beaker. Then it's all ready to go?

    ofcourse you'de have to experiment how much of the powder will be dissolved in how much oil but still, correct me if this generall and basic stuff is correct?

    Thanks everyone.


  2. Bro, I'd recommend using USP grade oils such as cottonseed, which are used by pharmaceutical companies.
    Also your final sterile filtration should be into a sealed sterile vial.

  3. Yes, you need to get USP oils (cottonseed is very popular), as well as filters and sterile vials. Also, the order to add things is: BA/BB, powder, most of the oil (except like 5cc or so), then you mix it up and let it all disolve, sterile filter it into a sealed vials, and then bake it.

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