Question about 1-T Pro and DFMA

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    Question Question about T-1 Pro and DFMA

    I have researched every thread I could find to determine any adverse reactions or possibilities to DFMA that is included in T-1 Pro as a PE.

    My question is; are there any long term risks of a 6-8 week “heavy cycle” (3 to 4 squirts ED) directly related to DFMA?

    My search inevitably led me to the following thread:

    In the response (to the now deleted original post by chosen5) Chemo stated that, “OSHA has specified a PEL (permissible exposure limit, skin) to be 30 mg/m2. Each squirt from an LG brew will deliver ~18 mg so we are within limits. Keep in mind, OSHA sets the limits based on an assumed occupation with constant exposure so they feel as though 30 mg on the skin is acceptable and we have used about half of that amount (18 mg).”

    So, if each squirt is 18 mg, then 3-4 squirts a day is 54 – 72 mg. Now I realize from reading a lot of threads that Chemo never advises using more than the label recommends and I understand that position, however, does anyone know if there are serious risks involved for that level of DFMA being absorbed daily over a 6-8 week cycle?

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    I think many users of T-1 Pro have used the "heavy dose" for 6-8 weeks, I know I have. I remember that thread, & I doubt there will be any risk based on that. OSHA issues warnings on all types of everyday substances that can be hazardous in huge amounts over lengths of time. That's really all the warining is.

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