First Cycle...Test + deca every 5 days?

  1. First Cycle...Test + deca every 5 days?

    This is my first cyle, I understand that people recommend test only has a fisrt cycle but I'm going foward with this anyways

    29 years old
    14% bf
    Arms 16/chest 43/waist 34

    I used to be 310lbs + so I've lost alot weight, at 14% BF I don't look as lean as some do at the same %...Some loose skin but not too much, I got lucky I guess...

    Been trainning about 5 years, absolutly addicted I rarely miss a workout and the diet is in check I was down to 195lbs, in 2 years I was able to bulk to up to 220 at the same BF but it's a very slow process...So the main goal of this cycle is tighten up the skin a little and finally have a body that I'm confortable in...I'm close right now but a 15lbs gain would be well appreciated!

    Some might say I'm doing it for the wrong reasons but if it can make me like my physique then it's worth it. I was fat for so long (my fault) but it's my time to shine, and I'm happily married so I'm doing this for myself not to get chicks! (not that it's wrong)... Plus I think it's the best feeling in the world when you show up to the gym and add a 25lbs on leg press or 10lbs on should press!! hehe...

    Trainning is 3 days on/1 off (thinking of going 2 days on and 1 off on the cycle)
    cardio is twice a week + hockey twice a week

    I was thinking of taking test E + Deca every 5 days does that make sense or should I do 4 days?

    Concentration is:
    Test 250mg/ml
    Deca 275/ml

    I would run deca 3/4 cc and 1cc test every 5 days...for 12 weeks

    let me know if every 5 days makes sense?

    PS: I have HCG and Clomid for PCT and Nolva and AI on hand just on case, why cheap out!?

  2. pin 2x a mon/thurs or tues/fri

    1cc Test 2x week
    3/4cc Deca 2x week

    how much HCG do u have? i suggest running it ON cycle

  3. Ok, so every 4 days is better...makes's 4 more injections over 12 weeks...

    Has for HGC I could get enough to run all cycle I will research that...I like to know why I'm doing things hehe...I'm pretty sure I currently have 4000ui so I would be short...

    thanks dude

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