Hey guys,

I have a couple of issues with this cycle I'm doing. Here's my stats, as of this morning. I'm 27, 5'11, 219lbs, 19% Body fat. Before I started this cycle I was maxing 315 on my dead lift, 225 on my flat bench, 190 on Cable curls, 170 on tricep pull downs, 210 on lateral pulldowns, 495 on inclined squat, 415 on seated leg press, 30 min of cardio every 2 days. this was before I started my cycle a week ago.

no since I've started this cycle, my dead lift is down to 275, 210 on flat bench, 150 on cable curls, 120 on tricep pull downs, 150 on lateral pulldowns, 315 on inclined squat, 225 on seat leg ress, 30 min cardio ever 2 days still.

I rotate my arms and legs every 2nd or 3rd day, as I'm a firefighter and my schedule changes. My nutrition is as follows. propadrol in the am, 1 propadrol 1 hemadrol at night. 50 grams of protein 4 times a day. 4 to 6 small meals, about 2500 calories a day total. I use no explode before working out, take a mulit vitamin, 360mg of resveratrol a day and thats it. What am I doing wrong. I notice my arms and chest getting bigger, but less weight being pushed. I'm going for mass and strentgh as I'm planning on doing the highland games this summer. Please help.