COQ10 with M1T CYCLE

  1. Question COQ10 with M1T CYCLE

    I was wondering who is taking their coq10 with their m1t cycle. I have both hawthorne berry and coq10. reason im asking is because coq10 is one of the more expensive supps out there and i was wondering if i could get away with just the hawthorne berry. I do check my BP almost every day so i know its not out of control. I checked it the other day and it was 110/75. Any opinions would help.

  2. I just took hawthorne berry, milk thistle, and potassium and had no probs

  3. Same here..hawthorne, potassium, garlic extract. I avoided taking stimulants within several hours of taking M1T.

  4. Also, if you take NAC with M1t, will you still need milk thistle? A certain supplement company that sells M1T just started incorporating 250mgs of NAC in each 10mg pill. So again, if you can get that, would you even need to take milk thistle?

  5. Maybe ill just stick with the potassium and hawthorne for now. Ill check my bp all the time then and if i see it go up ill buy some more and if i dont then ill be fine without it.



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