Calling Chemo......liquid M 1-T

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  1. Calling Chemo......liquid M 1-T


    I posed this question on the VPX thread (which was very informational once we stopped talking about VPX), but Supp Designer thinks M 1-T powder will dissolve easily in extra virgin olive oil on a 10 mg/ml basis.

    Noting your concern about hot spots from undissolved powder in another thread, what do you think about this option? And if so, should I use vinegar with it or just mix it into Blue Cheese for my anabolic salad? That way I can use those 4-AD croutons I bought.

    Thanks Dad,

    Chemo Jr.

  2. I figured it wouldn't work but experimented and it dissolved in safflower oil at that concentration.

  3. Thanks Chemist........wonder why this isn't a more active topic considering how cheap it would make M 1-T?

  4. i dont think anyone thought about it to be honest. i did some beta testers that way to save some money and time, but my guess is most companies didnt even consider it. That is the only way i would reccomend doing it if someone were going to by raw powder, otherwise i think the chance of hot spots by self capping is to great. I used olive oil so the tatse would be better without having to add anything to make taste better, which keeps cost down also.

  5. Sledge you got PM.

  6. KC check yours.

  7. C'mon Chemo, don't keep me hangin!!

  8. Still looking for Chemo!

  9. What are you wondering bro? Your question has been answered....

  10. KC,
    Chemo replied in another thread that he didn't think M 1-T would dissolve properly in liquid. Since then Des Supp proposed the olive oil idea, and I wanted to get Chemo's opinion whether he thinks it is logical before I buy a few grams to add to my 8 bottle stash of Meso.

    So I'm still waiting......

  11. They already gave the answer, and it seems that you have already heard the answer, so why keep asking?

  12. I dissolved the stuff myself in pg and oil, both are completely dissolved. Oral solutions are the most accurate way you could dose something as long as it's completely dissolved.

  13. How about this, because for some reason you are only willing to believe Chemo and he is obviously busy. Ill send you (skark) 1gm for free, you can follow my directions on how to do it, then you post how easy it was to do it and that it was totally dissolved on every board you can think of. Pm me your address and ill ship it out for you this week.

  14. here are directions for 2 different ways to do it, although you could use PG or Peg 400 as well, there is no need for it since you can buy olive oil everywhere.

    Directions for Oral solution:

    Olive Oil Oral Solution 10mg/ml
    1gm M1T
    96ml extra virgin olive oil
    1ml BA
    2ml BB
    Heat for 10 min and let cool and you have a 10mg/ml solution.

    Everclear or Bacardi 151 Oral Solution 10mg/ml
    1gm Methyl-1 Test powder
    99ml Everclear or 151
    Allow to dissolve.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by Designer Supps
    How about this, because for some reason you are only willing to believe Chemo and he is obviously busy. Ill send you (skark) 1gm for free, you can follow my directions on how to do it, then you post how easy it was to do it and that it was totally dissolved on every board you can think of. Pm me your address and ill ship it out for you this week.
    I've heard some good things about you from other bros on different forums, but this really hits home......thanks

    And don't get me wrong, its not about me believing or not believing you or anyone else, but Chemo has really been at the forefront of the M 1-T discussions since day one, and this is the kind of thing that could screw you up (if one dose is 1 mg/ml, and the next could be 100 mg/ml) so this is worthy of discussion and I am just trying to be careful. I just thought Chemo would voice his opinion and that would be that.

    As far as your offer for me to try out a gram free, I appreciate it but I'm not ready to start dosing yet, I'm just buying stuff right now. The reason is that after weighing 410 lbs just a couple of years ago, I finally found a diet plan that works for me. Now I am down to 260 lbs, and want to drop another 20 before I switch my emphasis from losing weight first and building muscle second to building muscle first while staying at the same weight. So the results if I did it now wouldn't do the product justice.

    I'm sure one of the other guys would be more than willing to accept your offer.

  16. Skark,

    Since DS offered free raw material and you turned it down your sincere quest for knowledge is noted.

    Dissolve in PEG-400 to a maximum of 50 mg/mL. No need for other co-solvents such as BA or BB. The taste is very bland so you must wash it down with a chaser of OJ or similar juice.

    (1) Add 1 gram raw material to something that can measure the desired volume (100 mL).
    (2) Add PEG-400 to volume.
    (3) Heat in oven at 200-250 degrees for 15 minutes.
    (4) If "floaties" are still present indicating incomplete dissolution then heat for an additional 15 minutes.
    (5) After all is dissolved recheck the volume and add another few mL's if needed.

    The above procedure results in 100 mL of liquid M-1-T at a concentration of 10mg/mL.

    Just using PEG-400 has produced several stable solutions at 30 mg/mL. Theoretically, it can go as high as 50 without crashing.


  17. Got any step by steps for M5AA?

  18. Where can I get peg?

  19. Any of the places which sell transdermal DIY supplies I guess. lemelange has it.

  20. Cool, got a website link for me?
  21. FishBonz
    FishBonz's Avatar

    Go to and search for Peg-400. Melissa has excellent service and great prices.

    Thanks to Chemo I was able to suspend 5 grams of Winny powder in 100ml of PEG-400 for a concentration of 50mg/ml. I had to heat it three times but it is fully dissolved and as clear as can be.

    Thanks Chemo..!

  22. Thanks Chemo and everyone!

    Lets get some powder.

  23. hahaha too late for the powder

    by the way it the same steps for m5aa. has any one tested this stuff yet. any looking to try this stuff plz hook me up with some info plz.

  24. he told me it's much more difficult to make a solution with the M5AA, but he would post it when he's got it down. Chemo, you have any experience with it?

  25. I think it will work for m5aa with peg 400, i should be finished with it tomorrow, so ill let you all know. I used a combo of PG and a couple other things to do the first batch of M5AA and I think the peg is a better idea so i will probably switch it to that. Oil will not work for m5AA it doesnt dissolve fully.
    Skark, no problem, and when you get ready to use some stuff let me know and Ill keep my offer good for you. Until then Sifu has offered to try it out and post his results.

  26. i have some M1T......if you want i can test the 5aa / m1t stack
  27. Talking

    Designer supps,

    I am bald except for the bozo hairline.
    I would be willing try try the m5aa stacked with M1T.

    Do you need a tester who will post results for you?

  28. I actually have a couple guys testing the m5aa/m1t stack in the next couple weeks, but i may need some testers when i get a few other products ready. Like a M5AA/M4AD stack.

  29. Sldgehmr
    VPX has already a new methyl 4-ad product and they claim its much better than m1t. do have any opinion on this. has any one tried it and whats the feedback on this.

  30. Well if they claim it is better, than it probably is!

    Hell, If it cost that much it must be awesome! I am going to get me some! I can afford the best you know!


  31. huh?

    VPX products are over priced

  32. Yeah, I was making fun of VPX.
    I hate the big companies who take advantage of people. I call it price jacking. The lable looks so hardcore! If you walked in to a supp store and saw it, you would buy it, who cares what it is. Then you take the stuff forever and have one big post cycle when you die! Cause the sales rep says it works good and to buy some!
    VPX takes advantage of the retail market at walk in health and supp stores..
    where customers only have VPX and EAS to choose from.
    If that same customer went online they would also begin to make fun of those products.

    Sorry for the rant.

    Chant this over and over.
    VPX Sucks
    Use designersupps!

    Now can i have a free sample?

  33. I find it hard to believe that M4AD would be better then M1T just because you still need a conversion of M4AD to the active hormone (methyltest). But that dosent mean it dosent work or that it isnt a good product, it may be better for some people because there shouldnt be the same lethargic effect that M1T gives. Also some people like a little conversion to estrogen and M4AD will give them that benefit. Personally I havent tested it yet, I just got it in yesterday, but I think it will stack well with something like 5 AA cyp or M5AA depending on if you wanted to run two methyls together or if you dont have a problem with doing injections. You will definelty want to make sure you have something for estrogen (nolva, femara, arimidex, formestane or some derivitive of 5AA) if needed when using it but other then that I think it definelty will have certain uses. Although I would never pay the high prices that VPX wants for their stuff, there is no difference between theirs or anyone elses so why pay that much.

  34. Any chance I could homebrew either a 20mg/10mg or a 10mg/10mg (/ml) of M4AD and M1T in Peg 400? Do you think this would dissolve?

  35. Or 10mg/ml M1T and 5mg/ml M4AD, make labels and call it Methyl-T1-Pro

  36. I think its possible, although I havent tried it yet. If I get chance during the week Ill see what I can do. Good name though.

  37. Quote Originally Posted by supersoldier
    Any chance I could homebrew either a 20mg/10mg or a 10mg/10mg (/ml) of M4AD and M1T in Peg 400? Do you think this would dissolve?
    I would like to know if PEG 400 could be flavored with a mint extract. Wuold that work?

  38. I know this should be old news to everyone but i just wanted to say,damn this Liquid M1T burns like hell in the mouth.Its the worst.If i had known i would be drinking liquid fire i would have bought the caps.How do yall do it everyday.

    By the way Merry Christmas everyone.

  39. Would it be wise to just chuck this stuff in my protein shake.I know it wont do any harm but with 1ml of this stuff in my shake it could be possible to lose some of it on the glass,right??Any suggestions would be cherished.

  40. Mix with a full glass of orange juice in the morning. You cover the taste/burn and also get the benefit of the juice



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