Help me finish off my cycle

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    Help me finish off my cycle

    K, i'm on week 10 of test enan 500mg/deca 300mg/Eq 600mg, Had a good first 6 weeks or so, but the last 3-4 weeks i've not been in the gym much or eating right due to personal **** and had the flu since the beginning of this week. I've gained about 13-15 pounds depending on time of day etc. so far, running femara at 1.25mg a day.

    Anyways, i'm dropping the enan/eq/deca, the bloating or indegestion, whatever you call it is becoming too much, i've been taking femara but seems like it's not enough. Snowboarding is a bitch to say the least, outta breath every two minutes, and hiking up the board park has me ready to puke. Looking for some suggestions on how i should finish this bad boy off, here's what i've considered using or have on hand, only side that bothers me is Hair loss, so i'm ruling things like winny/tren out.

    Prop/Anavar/Proviron/Bold Base/Drol

    Test seems to be fine on the hair, no idea about drol or proviron though. Hit me up with your thoughts! Gonna start this on monday for 5-6 weeks.

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    Id go with Boldenone Base. While on drol, I always lose hair, but it grows back after cessation of use.

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