First test-e cycle question -

First test-e cycle question

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    First test-e cycle question

    Hey guys, I'm on my first test-e/M1t cycle... Weeks 1-4 M1T.. Weeks 1-12 test-e @ 500mg a week... I have 6 weeks to go and I'm very happy so far... Starting weight was 170lbs, this morning my weight was 188lbs up 18lbs... God only knows what I'll be at the end of this cycle

    My question is, Once I'm done with my PCT.. Should I take the same amount of time off? Lets say 16-18 weeks? And what gains should I expect if I do the same cycle, Maybe bump up the test-e to 750mg a week.

    Thanks for your input.

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    if your taking the proper a decent amount of time off you should expect the same or very similar gains next time....i dont buy into the whole virgin receptor thing....

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