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  1. Designer Supplements /Sldgehmr

    I was wondering if anyone can give me some feedback about Desginer supplements? I was thinking about ordering a bunch of M1T and M4AD from him. Actually I want to stock up so I have enough for a few years for myself and a friend of mine. I have never heard of this company so I guess I want to make sure that it's a reputable company before I spend all that cash..... Or worse yet get a bunch of bunk stuff, I mean how the hell can you realy tell what youve got???

    Thanks guy's


  2. Ive been happy with his 4-ad cyp.

  3. does he have a website?

  4. not yet. Email him.

  5. The website should be done soon, I know its a pain not having it but a friend is doing it for me so I cant push him to much. If anyone wants to check up on me or how i do business you can email or pm any of the mods on some of these boards:
    a few members of,
    basskiller over at the conversion board.
    NsRuffryder as well

    I am big on customer service, so if there is anything I can help out with just let me know.

  6. designer, do you think you might do international shipping? i live in the uk and order from PN with no probs with customs etc.


  7. Where can i see your product list designer supp?

  8. Originally posted by Yimen E.Cricket
    Where can i see your product list designer supp?
    E-mail him. I would like to also add that I currently have an order "in process" with Designer supps. This is my first order with him, and I'll admit I also Had some concerns. I'm happy to say that he has responded to all my e-mails and has definitely won my confidence. I,m very happy with his service so far, and I will definitely be giving him more of my busine$$. So with that said, Thank you Sledge.

  9. Great customer service.

  10. Customer service is a big deal with me and there is no problem shipping outside the US.
    Like i said until the website is done, if anyone wants any info just email me. Thanks for the support.

  11. Very good customer service and great products. I've used him a few times in the past and have never been disapointed.


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