Sterile Filtering Syno Powder

  1. Sterile Filtering Syno Powder

    I just finished 5c's of a 10 c D**** Kit and I have a major problem!!!!!!
    I decided to form crystals using the drip method and came out with some great results. I followed the directions exactly and rinsed the powder numerous times in a painters mask. Anyways, once I allowed the powder to completely dry and broke apart the clumps into a fine powder, I added the powder to the oil/solvent mix. I wanted to make 150mg/ml and D advised me to remove the proper amount of oil and not add solvent. I cut the oil to 57 ml to get around 150mg/ml assuming a 20% loss factor. After I heated the oil and began to filter through the sterile filter, I could only get 10 ml through before the filter clogged. I ran the oil thrugh a coffee filter hoping to remove whatever was clogging the sterile filter. Then I heated the oil and attached a new sterile filter and repeated the process. Once again I clogged after 10 ml. So, I repeated the process of filtering with a coffee filter again. Same fricking result as I clogged a 3rd filter. Finally I was able to pass the remaining 20 ml or so through the last filter and finish with approxamately 50-52 ml.

    Needless to say I am pissed that it took 4 filters to get the job done, but I have no clue why this happened. I do fina conversions all the time and can get away with using 1 sterile filter for 4 grams even when making it at 150 mg/ml. Any help or input would be greatly appreciated. I do have a few filters left, but I dont want to use the all up on his final 5c conversion. Maybe I'm wrong but it seems absurd that it would take 4 filters to do 50 ml at 150mg/ml. Thanks for your help!

  2. I had the same problem so I went with 100mg/ml, that seemed to work fine. Sorry but I have no advise for filtering any higher combo's.

  3. hmmm......I have the all of the other kit left, ie oil, so maybe I will try that I guess for the last batch.........

  4. I have had that problem with syno before, sometimes I can get 160mls through 2 filters, sometimes it take 6

  5. Be sure to filter while the oil is still hot....

  6. I nuked it for 40 sec, so I know it was hot, but I will go ahead and try again but this time at 100mg/ml....thanks for the responses


    Place it in an oven at 250 degrees F for 15-20 minutes.


  8. Chemo,
    Ive always wondered about that. What does microwaving gear do to the steroid molecules?

  9. It excites certain functional groups such as -OH, -O, and to a small degree double bonds.

    In a typical recipe there will be the gear itself with BA and BB....all of which has active functional groups with microwave radiation. There may be a possibility of compromising the structural integrity of all.


  10. post noted, thakns for the heads up!!!!

  11. chemo, you make me wish i had taken science more serious in school. your knowledge blows my mind.........

    i thank god people like you are around to help people like me with all their questions on this stuff. honestly i know id still be about 170lbs if it werent for this site....


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