epistane while on test?

  1. epistane while on test?

    i am currently running a 15 week test cyp cycle, 500mg a week, im at week 5.

    i have used epistane in the past and noticed that the tiny bit of puffy nipps i had before were gone.
    if i did a 4-5 week cycle of epistane while on test cyp, would it keep my nipps from getting puffy?
    or ...
    what exactly would happen if i used something like Gaspari novedex xt, during my test cycle?


  2. you need arimidex not epistane

  3. can't get arimidex. would epistane not stack well with test?

  4. run it weeks 14,15,16,17,and obviously begin standard pct week 18

  5. sounds good thanks



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