Interesting post on CEM about figuring test needed

  1. Interesting post on CEM about figuring test needed

    Just thought I would post this one for discussion.. Big Cat posted this over at CEM and I found in very interesting;thread****8470


  2. It is a cool concept.

  3. Very interesting.

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  4. well by using that formala I figured I need right at 1200 mg/week of test max.. now that is something I was going to try AFTER I finish rehabing from this surgery this morning (Thursday).

  5. Well I have never gone over a 1 gram of test in a week and never plan too. I still grow on 500mg, but I will admit that it is very slow growth(i want it that way) as I try to avoid any questions about my physique changes.

  6. I can understand that.. I haven't gone over 750 yet but I was thinking of kicking it up to 1g this next time..

  7. I think it seems about right, and it states "max" dose. I never felt the need for over 750mgs, anything over that seems like diminishing returns. I would rather add in 500mgs of tren to 750mgs of test, then take 1250mgs of test alone.

  8. i wish bc would explain his reasoning for that to u all , me and him have spoken about this in plenty of mails and his reasoning is totally perfect to come up with that ... so very good idea to go with . .


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