1. 7a-OHNB

    dose any one knows what is this stuff? its being sold on the animal bored and they claim its

    29X as anabolic and 5X as androgenic as MethylTest the standard for orals

    10x as potent Oxandrolone and similar effect profile

    3-4 x as potent per mg than M!T

    what is that!!!!!!!!

  2. M!T = M1T(with the shift key held down) LOL

  3. yep my typing skills suck

  4. wait is it same as 7a-OHN........but whats the extra b !!!!

  5. I was wondering if Instynct made a typo or not, I saw that too. WTF is the B for?

  6. i believe its a type. thats the stuff i preordered mine should be here in a week and i'm gonna jump on it like i would if britney spears were laying in my bed...i'm all over that

  7. Hey let us know how it goes 2gcorey, its been hyped up big time on animals board.

  8. How can i find the animal board?

  9. I remembered reading something like Instync modified the molecular structure slightly - hence the B suffix.

  10. can you post a link for that?

  11. yah, i'll let everyone know how it goes. i'm going to buy animals protein next time i order also and give that a shot. everyone says its the best they have tried by far. if i remember it has fat in it also, something like thats needed w/ the protein but companies don't do it because if its for 6 mo on a shelf it will go rancid or something like that.

    let you know on the 7a-ohnb though

  12. i think its just a typo as well.

  13. I will go with typo since "b" and "n" are next to one another one the keyboard.

  14. im going to give this product a try........i hope it will raise to the hype

  15. dose any one know if LG going to sell this stuff soon?

  16. If nobody knows what this compound is then how can one draw a coorelation to any type of data (i.e.- "X" times as anabolic, etc.)?

    Now, I understand the need to protect intellectual property but can he honestly expect everyone to simply BELIEVE the marketing claims without a reference compound to look up??

    Besides, I'm not too keen on ingesting ANYTHING where there is doubt to what it actually is.

    Just my 2 cc's...


  17. here take this drano tablet I swear its 400 times as anabolic as testosterone and has no negative sides ;-)

  18. chemo well after i test it i'll tell you if i believe the claims hehe


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