1. T-Gel

    Hey Im about to do my post-cycle stuff, I usually mix in my 6 oxo powder with the T-Gel, but can't seem to find it for sale on powernutrition. I was if its not for sale anymore? In which case I'll have to go with Clomid instead. Thanks guys.

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    We are actually out of stock right now. We are working with BDC on the updated formula that we will use for the "Build Your Own" Transdermals.

    We are replacing the 8oz bottles with the 4oz version.

    Should be back up soon.


  3. NOOOOOOOOO! I love the 8 oz bottles! Please don't discontinue them!

  4. Yeah I would agree with that 8 oz all the way

    I need pct relatively soon, so I'd probably be better off going with a flavored research chemical, is this a correct assumption?

  5. youd be better off going with flavored nolva or chlomid if you didnt need it relatively soon

  6. Please continue to offer the 8oz's. Please

  7. Originally posted by Bobo
    Remember, the new formula will allow you to dissolve much more powder into the solution, along with increased absortion. You might not need 8oz.
    How much more powder will disslove in 4oz of the new formula?

    I got 7.5 into 4oz of the old new formula (w/ DMFA), & that was all it would take.

  8. I cannot wait for this new gel. drool.....


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