Lionnutrition Clen

  1. Lionnutrition Clen

    Has anyone herd when this stuff is going to come out. I thought it should be out by now.

  2. Ive asked a number of people a number of times and I always get the same answer: next week. That started over a month ago. Last I heard it was a flavoring issue before they were going to release it. I really want to wait and get Lions brand because they are a very reputable company and I want to be able to support PN as well, but there are some good clen deals going on elsewhere.

  3. very soon the flavoring issue is taken care of.....

  4. Originally posted by buyb12
    very soon the flavoring issue is taken care of.....
    Looking forward to it. Any chance of T3?

  5. How soon is very soon, tax season is coming up, and I like keeping my business to PN

  6. R-ala and clen to ship this week
    cialis..... is next.....

  7. Ok prices, how many doses per bottle. I am ready to buy from PN.


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