Decent Stack??

  1. Decent Stack??

    hey, new on this forum.
    Ive looked into numerous options and as a second cycle i have chosen to run a stack of Anavar and Methyl-1test.

    just really shooting for a little gain and cut.
    any suggestions?

  2. eveyone will tell you its harsh but I think the liver stuff is exagersted the only person I know of off hand to have serouis liver problems related to steroids is super star billy grahm and he took d-bol for 20 years straight and proably drunk a lot to. I mean the used took give children androl for a year or longer and they were all right so I cant see 4 weeks of anything really doing permanent damage.

  3. horrible cycle, start alllllll over. ur best bet is going to be test 300mg/week while dieting and doing cardio 6 days a week

  4. test and cardio? okay ill keep that in mind! thanks for the advice. if this fails then i will definitely look into that.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Brandon 04 View Post
    test and cardio? okay ill keep that in mind! thanks for the advice. if this fails then i will definitely look into that.
    im just one to stray far faaaarrrr away from oral only cycles. not only are the hard on ur body, but the gains are nothing compared to injectables.

  6. haha thats what ive been learning slowly, just figured i would give it another shot. thanks again for the advice man!

  7. Welcome bro, if your looking for a cycle stick with just TEST your first time and diet. Or just up the cardio and diet. Actually need more background to determine what you need bro. Let me know

  8. did your middle school lunch lady come up with this cycle?

    what a waste of var...its expensive enough and you're wasting it for this!?!?

    test...or save the var and run m1t solo!

  9. hmm alright so test seems to have the majority vote, thanks everyone i will be focusing on that path now.
    my idea was with this cycle the muscle i would gain with the M1t would be harder due to the var and more likely to stick around. if anyone knows of a good ug lab in toronto a pm would be greatly appreciated.


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