anyone tried Formadrol anti-e??

  1. anyone tried Formadrol anti-e??

    I was thinking of getting some of this from our bros at legalgear and was wondering if it was potent enough to add to a mild cycle (300-350mg wk test/20mg day 1m-test)

    Any opinions on this stuff?

  2. bump.
    Was considering trying it as well if I use M1T...

  3. its a week androgen so it should be supresisve although its a good a anti-e. nolva is better option IMO
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  4. hmmm the debate over whether formestane was suppressive was never really solved, though PA said it was and most people ended up taking it as gospel. I did use this to recover once last year and I kept most of the gains. It may be suppressive so I would say use formestane during cycle and clomid or nolva or 6 oxo post.

  5. i think formastat is great anti-e while your on cycle if u want to avoid water retintion and estrogen side while using endrogen that aromatize. but there are better option for PCT

  6. decent on cycle, I wouldnt use it PC

  7. If I'm only going to use 10mg of m1t/ day would 6 oxo be enough for pc or should
    I still go with nolva?

  8. can't go wrong with nolva...its cheaper too


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