Tren only

  1. Tren only

    Has anyone ran a tren only cycle? I've read where somepeople did it with no problems and others say not to do to it. What gives?

  2. Tren shuts down libido hard aka fina dick.

  3. would not do it for the above mentioned reason.

  4. ok, thanks..I don't have much to work with so i'm limited to a homebrew so thats why I was aking..

  5. yeah , just use syno prop and u will have some test to go with the tren , no need to think of sources , can stick to the homebrews while growing happily .

  6. I did an 8 week tren only cycle, I did not have a problem with fina dick untill the last week or two. I think adding some test will make it a much better cycle.

  7. does winny shut down libido?

  8. yes in my case it does
  9. ...

    Ouch.. I cant even imagine doing a tren only cycle. You may as well castrate yourself.
  10. Future
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    Libido is shot as mentioned.

  11. I did a Tren only cycle and it made me forget all about women. Actually, I was much happier and did have less stress during that time. Hmmm lol

  12. yes, but definately not good while you're currently with a woman!


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