New here and I have a ? (M-1-T Cycle)

  1. New here and I have a ? (M-1-T Cycle)

    I am new this forum and would like to start by saying hello. I have a ? about m1t. I am thinkin of doin a cycle but there are so many opinions about what to stack it with, what dose to use, etc... For those of you that have used it what do you suggest. This will be my 3rd PH cycle. I am 29yrs old 240lbs 15%BF. Also where do you suggest getting the M1T, because I have heard rumors that some places might not be selling the same quality product as others. Thanks for your help.

  2. Just flip through the last few pages here you'll find stacking, cycle length, comparisons among different brands already discussed and under discussion.

  3. just to give my opinion.. i tried it with 4-ad and without it and i noticed a huge difference with the 4-ad so any kind of test will definitely work good..

    i think kilo sports is realy the only controversial brand..

    you cant go wrong with AMT and has it..

  4. Hrmm... Check the classifieds too.

  5. Well so far I'm up 4lbs in 3 days off of Kilo's M1T but I'm stacking it 1 squirt of the original t1-pro no lethargy but I'm beginning to feel a very
    slight pain in my side

  6. Pain in the side, as in pain around liver/kidneys?

  7. more like a pinch in my lower right back. I ate a banana and drank some water all better. Also I'm up 8lbs in 4 days strength is way up,
    2 weeks ago I could only get 225 once last night 8 reps I would have gone for nine but I was working out alone. Hey bro I'm at Andrews wil be coming down there to Lackland in 6 june 04


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