Question. Got some letro for gyno but steriods again?

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    Question Question. Got some letro for gyno but steriods again?

    Ok, say if the Letrozole i got works too get rid of gyno and i lose my lump in my chest and i want to do steroids again right away. Like march/mid march and i plan to use letro Mid February.

    In my next PCT i will get my usual nolva and then should I add in arom or just get the letro again cause im gyno prone!? should i pul out without a gyno?

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    run the letro to get rid of the lump (if it works). then, run ur cycle, run arimidex on cycle, run nolva for PCT. if u get rid of the lump pre cycle and then take the neccessary precautions ON cycle....then u should come out gyno free...or atleast smaller lump

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