The Synthetic Chemistry Thread

  1. The Synthetic Chemistry Thread

    Good Day Fellow Enthusiasts

    Allow me to introduce myself...

    I am a biochemist/synthetic organic chemist recently graduated from University in Canada.
    I thoroughly enjoy discussing all things chemistry and I am looking for others who enjoy the same enthusiasms, especially when it applies to the synthesis of performance enhancing chemicals. Of course, even though I have access to a wide variety of chemicals, actually any chemical, I would never attempt to synthesize something illegal.... eh hem, I just want to discuss with those out there on this forum what they have heard in the ways of methodology.

    I have of course done my research and can synthesize testosterone from a variety of prelogs including Cholesterol, DHEA, Androstenone, Androstadienone etc. The Cholesterol synthesis is of course tricky and low yielding, the DHEA one is pretty good.

    If anybody has any questions about the chemistry, biosynthesis, synthetic synthesis of steroids, or how to make them more soluble, how to recrystallize them for purity etc, just let me know..

    Take Care

  2. Try to find a book called "Anabolic Steroids and how to make them". I have bought the ebook for 10 bucks.

  3. Ah, good to see you SynChem. I got an off-topic question: I'm trying to find a supplier of analaR H2O2. WTH does analaR mean? Analytical Reagent?

    Also, do you know of any suppliers of this chem? It has to be 30 – 35 % w/w Merck AnalaR quality or better (Non-volatile matter <0.005%).

    Thanks for any help dood.
  4. Unbreakable
    David Dunn's Avatar
    Talking about how to convert powders and various illegal substances is NOT tolerated! Do not ask for supply kits or anything else that can be perceived as "steroid paraphernalia" and do not post links to those sites that supply such products.

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