plan for next cycle.. lean bulk.. prop, anavar masterson?

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    plan for next cycle.. lean bulk.. prop, anavar masterson?

    hey guys im currently 208 with about 15-16% bodyfat and i want ot know what i should do for my next cycle.. i want to cut to 12% but im scared i lose too much muscle... so should i wait for the 10 weeks i have then do a cutting cycle or try to cut to 200 then run a 8 week lean mass cycle to get to my summer goal of 210-215 at 10-11% bodyfat... thanks

    my first cycle was test e and dbol.. and i run a good high cal diet now with mostly complex carbs and protein.. 350 gram protein, 400 gramscarbs 60 grams fat.

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    I would be very cautious any anavar I pick up off the UG scene....

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    yea i am and does any one know if endomorphs typically respond better to drugs with less water retention.. it just seems like i gain alot of water that comes off and yes i have a strong pct and eat tons...

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