Kilosports (Gaspari Nutrition) M1T Cycle Log - Proof!

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  1. starting stats : 6'1" 250, age 44, took kilo's m-1-t @ 20 mgs per day, now on day 11 weight is now 262 while body fat has remained the same @ 15 percent, strength is up but not as much as compared to aas. this stuff is a great buy for the money.

  2. Well, guys the cycle log didn't go as planned, but here are my updates.

    12/16/03 -- Day 15

    Weight up about 7-8 pounds....decrease in bodyfat. How much? I can't tell you exactly but i'm guessing about 1%.

    My diet was not up to par. I was eating clean and taking a lot of protein, but my cals were about maintenance the whole way...due to stress and final exams.

    Remained at 10mg a day. Gains are still coming, so will continue for 5 day increments, but will only take the substance for a maximum of 25 days.

    What I noticed: about the 5th day, my body started leaning out, looked more full and hard....noticed pumps did last a little longer as well as muscle hardness. Did not notice weight increase until the 7th/8th day or so. Strength gains came during the second weight cycle. Strength gains weren't amzing, but definitely a big increase. I'd say about 5% increase on all lifts is a good estimate.

    Sides I expereinced...headaches, loss of apetite (then again i was eating less to begin with so maybe stomach shrank), intense thirst, cramping in my arch of my foot (no lower back pain), very mild stomach cramps in the beginning (first 3 days).

    Will continue to update.



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