H-Drol - what time(s) during the day do you dose it?

  1. H-Drol - what time(s) during the day do you dose it?

    Looking to run a cycle of H-Drol in the near future. I was wondering when you take it if your dosing 2 times a day, and when I bump up to 75mg 3x a day... just evenly spread them out?

    Does anyone know the half-life of H-Drol?

  2. Half life is something like 16 hours so you can spread it out, or pop it all at once, probably won't matter much.

    I'd spread it out though.

  3. Well, I'm at 100mg./day now in the last week of my cycle....I take 50mg at 7am and 50mg at 7pm. Works good for me.

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