fooling the doc into giving me test

  1. fooling the doc into giving me test

    hey, I was wondering if you guys know any ways to fool the doc so he would give me some test? I am having a blood test done, but also just finished 3 weeks of m1t/4ad, so that might help me out a little. also, what do people get when they prescribe hrt?

  2. It is not easy and it is not worth it.

    It is not just as easy as walking in and checking to find you have low test levels. At your age, it is VERY unlikely.

  3. and then all you would get more than likely is just replacement levels.. and that really won't help you with what you are doing..

  4. You would be better off trying to get HGH. I figured that one out the easy way. Test is much harder. They would run a blood test and then if they felt you were low typically they would try hcg or something before test anyway. It is very hard to fool a doc on this HGH is easier because most family practisioners dont quite understand it that much. I did this I got a new doc said I needed to get some scripts refilled and went in and told him that I needed claratin nasalcort and nutropin. I knew my **** though because he asked a few questions. then it is harder to get the insurance company to pay for it. You should go to the library and look up hgh thearapy and know your **** very well. Know what a low count is and know were your suposedly came in. He might order another test to be sure but maybe not. Good luck. As for test agreeded it is not worth it!


  5. I showed my Dr. a bottle of Testrogel(tm) and told him that it was good stuff but I wanted to try the perscription version which contains testosterone. He wrote me a scrip for a years worth of androderm patches, but they are weak, takes like 6 a day to get enough test. (I have used them like prop at the end of a cycle, when these are gone I won't buy any more)

    I doubt you would get anything injectible. Docs usually will administer injectible test, you have to go into the office to get it and they can charge more since it's an office visit for each treatment.



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