Question about Felodipine(hypertension drug) and steroids?

  1. Question about Felodipine(hypertension drug) and steroids?

    I've been given felodipine by my doctor to lower my blood pressure.I don't think it interacts negatively with any anabolic steroids and as it is a very commonly used Hypertension drug, I was wondering if anybody on this forum has had any experience with it.
    Any info would be appreciated.

  2. I am not sure about the interaction. But if you are having high BP issues now, getting on steroids could bring up alot of issues with that.

  3. I've used steroids on and off for 20 years but the doctor has decided to medicate me now as I'm now 41 and she feels it would be beneficial. Once my down,I can't see what the problem would be with taking steroids as long as the B.P. doesn't climb back up.That would be assuming there are no negative interactions between anabolics and hypertension drugs.Obviously D bol for example is out of the question as the increased water and sodium retention would push my B.P way up. I'm refering more towards taking Epi or Stanozolol etc.

  4. I would leave that then to one of the more experienced users on the board. I can see your point, if you can find one that doesn't alter your BP too much it would lower the risks of any issues.

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