Question on Liquid Nolva dosing

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    Question on Liquid Nolva dosing

    I just bought some Nolva from LR and the syringes that they give you, the needle is too thin to draw the liquid into it. Apparently the nolva is too thick. With the dropper is there anyway to know how much liquid you are extracting, 1ml? 2ml?

    I just went off my PH cycle, and I need some help quick, thanks alot

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    if i remember correctly 0 it is one ml per dropper - or 25 drops per ml.
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    You should get an oral syringe for accurate dosing. You can pick one up from any drug store for about $2. Then just draw out the exact amount you want.

    The dropper you have is proabably a little more than 1ml. I have a dropper with measurements I use that I took from a bottle of medicine. it's slightly smaller than the ones that come in the liquid nolva & 1ml is about 90% of the dropper full.

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