Cycle suggestions

  1. Cycle suggestions

    Dont want to piss off any of the strongly educated people on this site but I am not finding the resources on the internet very helpful to me.

    I currently weigh 185 and I am 5'8. I would like some recommendations on a cycle that has very low side effects. I had tried dbol/deca when I was 18 and fooled around with no pct. I have taken winny/clem twice and was satisfied with the results.

    I am looking to get very lean and increase the amount of weight I lift. I am very focused on diet and training and have never had issues with losing any of my gains. Any suggestions would be helpful.

  2. how old are u? how long have u been training? what do u have access to?

  3. lean, no side effects. How about a long test/EQ cycle?
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  4. Dbol/deca at 18? Damn bro... agreed with UnrealMachine... test/eq would be a good choice.

  5. do more research

  6. damn
    did you run test with dbol and deca? bet you couldn't get it up for like a year huh?

    i second test/eq.

    don't worry about any bloat. you'll loose extra waterweight post-cycle.

    i would've said tren but he said low sides. tren makes your strength go up like crazy. that's trenbolone by the way.


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