19-nor vs 4-AD

  1. Talking 19-nor vs 4-AD

    which is better of these two? which one whould you take if you could only take one. and someone was giving it to you (if they were legal)? if your friend had one bottle of each which one would you take?

    19-nor has:
    19-Nor Androstenedione 200mg
    19-Nor-4-Androstenediol 100mg
    4-Androstenediol 200mg
    tribulus terrestris 250g
    saw palmetto 200mg
    chrysin (dihydroxyflavone) 200mg
    zinc picolinate 50mg (333% RDA)

    4-AD has:


    *Obviously just for kicks not a real scenario*


  2. Question wtf

    Quote Originally Posted by ibanezman08 View Post
    why did you say that ? what the problem?

  3. 19-nor is usually a term i'm used to hearing when classifiying steroids like trenbolone and deca-durabolin. it's a catigory but you're referring to it as if it were a pro-hormone?

    what 19nor are you talking about. if it's a PH, never heard of it.

    i appologize for the rudeness by the way.

    if 19nor is a PH, i'm curious as to why they call it that. most 19nor steroids cause prolactin buildup that caused gyno. and if you get prolactin based gyno, a SERM like nolva will only make it worse. you need something like bromo or dostinex to my knowlege.

  4. He's referring to the old 19-Nor prohormones that were around before the ban.

    It looks like the first one already has some 4-AD in it. It depends on the dosages of each bottle, but the first one looks to be a more complete stack.

  5. T-Roid is a 19-Norandrosta 4,9, diene 3,17 dione and is very effective and is still around (and around under other names too)


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