Oral cycle for summer...need help

  1. Oral cycle for summer...need help

    Hey all,
    I want to do a very simple basic first cycle of orals....I want to save injecting for my second cycle. I want to do an oral cycle because it would be less hassle and I could see how I react to lighter steroids before doing a 10 week test cycle.

    This cycle's goals will be to add quality mass, and to cut bodyfat, so I guess "recomp" for summer.

    I am thinking Anavar with Proviron possibly? Anavar because the gains are slow and steady with a good ability to keep those gains.

    Remeber I don't want anything crazy. A quality recomp would be great for me.

    Would Anavar and Proviron be a good first cycle for these goals? Would you add another compound?

    Thanks guys

  2. use test PERIOD. theres no getting a "taste" or whatever. if ur going to use steroids then do it right.

    an anavar only cycle will cost u hundreds of dollars and produce weak gains. anavar is for women (serious).

    proviron is only helpful alongside test (IIRC)

  3. Ok, just thought I would see what people thought. Test it is

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