New to this need advice

  1. New to this need advice

    Never taken anything before but beginning somatropin combined with test enanthate. Can the soma be stored in serile water solution for a week after mixing? Is this a good combination to take for a beginner? It was what was reccomended by a friend. Another question I'm confused on is exactly how much test should be taken weekly? I understand it should be approx 250mg dosed twice a week which equates to a little over 1ml per dose? Might sound like a stupid question but any advice would be greatly appreciated as i said i'm new to it. I'm about 200lbs with about 14% body fat wanting to gain weight and trim up at the same time.

  2. for a aas virgin . 2-3 ius of soma and 500 mg of test per week sounds good, soma will be good for a week just keep it in the fridge. enjoy . welcome to our world lol

  3. soma is GH right?

    a little advanced for a first cycle dude.

    just stick to testoserone.

    GH takes a long time to see results from and is very expensive.

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