Oxyguno/Phera Flex stack,...too much?

  1. Oxyguno/Phera Flex stack,...too much?

    curios about this combination. Oxyguno being a wet compound stacked with Phere Flex,..is this a decent stack for retaining strength and size while cutting?

  2. oxyguno is a halodrol clone...about as far from wet as it gets...phera, on the other hand is usually pretty wet...i would just run the oxy for cuttin...

  3. plus spectra force labs suck...id run somebody elses halodrol if you havent already bought it

  4. already on the cycle,...if you dont mind me asking,..does the Oxy and Phera flex cancel each other out? or are the andrgenic side effects too harsh? since running the cycle my joints have been painful,..started fish oil yesterday,..hope this helps.

  5. no they dont cancel each other out but the halodrol will cut out some of the bloat from the phera...you are running two methyls together tho...hope you arent drinkin and used liver supps...as far as your joints go that could be from a couple of diff things, but answer is the same...get a joint supp along with your fish oil...im usin animal flex right now and like it...i add an extra 100mgs of hyaluronic acid tho

  6. I am taking Milk Thistle and sesamin, along with triflex from GNC. I have a PCT of Nolva coming. I was more or less doing this stack for a muscle gain while adding a bit more macros to my diet.

  7. sounds like your doin okay...not familiar with triflex...but if its not helpin the joints you may wanna change it up...your stacks okay tho...good luck

  8. Mooch, thanks alot,...judging by these forums and your constant input you seem to be a very knowledgable guy and dedicated to lending unbiased information,...reps !

  9. nahhh...i just get really bored at work...but thanks tho bro

  10. Quote Originally Posted by mooch2321 View Post
    nahhh...i just get really bored at work...but thanks tho bro
    haha,..sounds like me!


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